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iPhone 3G


BlackBerry Bold

To install the FREE Swing by Swing GPS rangefinder on your phone,
simply visit the following url using your phone's web browser:

What happens next?

When you visit the url above using your phone's web browser, you will be instantly redirected to the download file for your type of phone.

  • iPhone users will be redirected to the App Store.
  • Android users will be redirected to the Market.
  • BlackBerry download and installation will begin immediately.

Using your phone's web browser right now? Try these links specific to each device to continue.

NOTE: Blackberry is no longer supported. It has been known to work up through OS 5

Works anywhere in the world! When you visit the url above, no matter where in the world you like to golf - Swing by Swing rangefinder will work for you.

Please note: You may need to map your course using our simple web tool. Although Swing by Swing works on any course in the world, we don't have every course in the world mapped (yet!)

Once you sign up, you'll receive instructions on mapping your home course. It's super-easy - and only takes about 10 minutes if you know the course layout.