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Distances to greens and hazards and a digital scorecard for nearly every course in the world

Our state-of-the-art GPS technology provides you with key distances throughout the course

There’s no need to carry an uncomfortable pencil and paper card in your pocket with our easy-to-use digital scorecard on your smartphone

Add friends, enjoy games, play better golf, and have more fun.

Swing by Swing
Personal statistics and handicap

Track your scores and on-the-course statistics, including putting and cumulative round data

Keep track of a USGA-style handicap with no extra effort

We’ll store your rounds free for life in our database

Swing by Swing
Integrated support for top wearables

In-round support for top smartwatches, including Apple Watch, Android Wear and Pebble

Distances to greens, scoring, club tracking, and more on your wrist

Swing by Swing
Looper Premium Subscription

For a few pennies per day, upgrade to Looper -- Swing by Swing’s premium in-app offering and unlock its awesome features: advanced stats, distances, club tracking, games, and more

Extended Scoring

Add drive direction, bunkers and penalty strokes to enhance your stats and find weakness in your game

Wind Speed

Integrated wind speed from to help determine distances and make better club selections


Improve your course knowledge with the USGS National Elevation Dataset to help make better club selections

Swing by Swing

Club Tracking

Configure your selection of clubs and track shots for them to monitor your average distances

Improved Distance to Green

Add a graphical interface to help you more quickly determine distances to objects around the green

Games and Betting

Add stableford, match play, nassau and syndicates game types. Plus track complicated betting configurations

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Best App I've ever had. Now I know why I was always coming up short. If you're serious about your golf then you NEED this application.


I purposely left my upro at home and tried my IPhone Swing by Swing app on the course. Travis was right, as I compared it with my other partners in my group with their devices ranging from $250-$300. Big Up's!


Thanks as I am really enjoying all of the Looper features especially club tracker. You guys have done an amazing job. You have a very satisfied customer.


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