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"I used to play Army Golf. I hit it left, then hit it right, then left again. Now I am more consistent and more accurate, with straighter ball flight."



Get a buddy to record your swing. Then upload or email it (we'll show you how).


Your PGA Pro will carefully review your swing, make notes and instruct you on ways to improve. He'll provide helpful drills specific to your golf game.


Your telestrated video will show you the good, the bad, and the ugly of your swing. You can even chat directly with your pro for more feedback.


How it works: video walkthrough

Example Lessons

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"Today was a very enjoyable round of Golf!
I dropped 13 strokes!"

Immediate Access to these benefits:

  • A dedicated golf pro (worth $600/yr)
  • A full game review by The Golf Doctor himself (a $70 value)
  • Video & eBook: The Game Management Manifesto - a masters lesson in course management from the masters of the game (a $20 value)
  • Free course mapping for the mobile app (Save $8 per mapping)
  • Unlock the power of your phone with a Looper membership for a year, including My Goal, Benchmark, Club Tracker, and much more. ($14 value)


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Other Technology You Get

Unlock the power of your phone! Your Pro Looper membership unlocks the full features of the phone app, including:


The Scorecard module allows you to keep score for your entire 4-some quicker and easier than using a pencil.

Club Tracker

The Club Tracker module lets you measure the real distance of every club in your bag and view your actual shots in 3D.

Wind Speed, Elevation, 'Plays Like' Distance

Nobody else gives you extra hole information like Wind Speed, Elevation Difference, and 'Plays Like' distance.

Stableford, Match Play, Nassau, Syndicates

You just play golf, let us take care of all the nasty math!

Side Bets

Keep track of many side bets like fairways, putts, 3-putts, and lots more.

MUCH More!

Loopers get a bunch of cool stuff, including satellite flyovers of every course in the database, awesome stats and graphs, extra scorecard data points, and more.

Brad Smith, PGA, Director of Instruction

Introducing the Golf Doctor:

Brad Smith, PGA

Director of Instruction

This is Brad Smith, the man, the myth.

  • 25-year PGA Pro
  • Has taught 5,000 students
  • Has analyzed more than 50,000 golf swings
  • His Pro Looper students last year dropped an average of 8 strokes
"I was skeptical about how this would work, but I am BLOWN AWAY that you are breaking my swing down in such a detailed way. I've already seen huge improvement."

Success Stories

"Brad's easy to follow drills have fixed several key errors in my golf swing. I have a much more athletic swing now, and my scores are reflecting that after each lesson." - Jesse Lombardo

"I never realized how bad of a set up I had until I started working with Brad. His personalized drills on posture and swing mechanics have completely changed my game." - Nick LaPointe

Mohammed no longer overswings. He dropped 7 strokes with a more repeatable swing.

Maddie is 16, and now generates massive power in her swing. Watch out world!

"Just a few lessons with Brad provided me with quieter hip rotation. It's allowed me to keep my head balanced and eyes better focused on the ball during impact." - Maddie S.

Customer Testimonials & Scorecard Improvements

Just a few of the testimonials we've gotten recently:

I would like to thank Brad for helping me shoot my second lowest score since High school! Ramond

Brad's simple advice paid off with great dividends today! With a quite lower body I was able to hit my drives straight with a slight draw. My bad shots were when I reverted back to my old swing habits. Iverson

Today was a very enjoyable round of Golf! I dropped 13 strokes! dirconst....@hotmail.com

On Saturday morning I broke 90 for the first time! Thank you so much for your continued coaching and encouragement. I have quite a bit of work left to do on the last drills you sent me. jeremyj19...@gmail.com

Brad, can't tell you how much you've helped my balance and direction. I'm shooting in low 80s lately by working on tempo. Your drills have helped tremendously. Some golfing friends have been noticing that they too have weight transfer problems. rondepe....@gmail.com

Brad, I want to brag on you. On Saturday, I had 3 kickin birdies on the back nine. My husband was very impressed. I'm hitting the ball longer and straighter. This system is really working for me. I've had lessons before from pros but not with this success. I'm a big believer in Swing by Swing. Thanks for being there. Kathy

Brad, the tips you provided were absolutely brilliant. You have immediately identified the problem which has been endemic to my game since I picked up a golf club! As a person who never had a lesson, I have always had the issue of either pulling the ball, or coming out of it and hitting a thin weak slice. After only a couple of chance to hit the range I can already see the problem you saw with my posture has been the main issue all along. Combined with the hip slide which was creeping in, I feel like I’m already hitting the ball more consistently, and on target! I’ll continue to work with the tips you have provided over the next couple of weeks and look forward to working with you more in the future. dcam...@amber....com.au

Just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed these 1:1 instructions. It's like you are right here!! Your style is very personable and very helpful! I didn't quite know what to expect when I signed up for the lessons - I was disappointed with my previous live instructions with a personal pro at a local pro shop. I decided to take the chance and sign up - So far you've far exceeded my expectations. Thanks! Bob

Brad, thanks a lot for your detailed coaching... I was skeptical about how this would work, but I am BLOWN AWAY that you are breaking my swing down in such a detailed way. I've already seen huge improvement. Greg

These Pro Loopers took an average of 8 strokes off their scorecard in one golf season!

Nickname Score Before Score After Dropped Strokes
tashkandi 105 98 - 7
djlarente 101 90 - 11
teimour007 94 81 - 13
sdhubble7 101 96 - 5
justusbecks 81 77 - 4
shushu100 93 88 - 5
sly84 85 80 - 5
armstrong.mark 96 90 - 6
mikedahood12 100 91 - 9
rexroat22 96 86 - 10
two60stangs 127 118 - 9
okeefes1.so 110 98 - 12
ruhlmann 103 97 - 6
fedpilot 111 89 - 22
jimkim17 96 91 - 5
greg 93 84 - 9
lfsjstansbury 85 80 - 5
jbgloss 85 79 - 6
crmorgan10 101 93 - 8
harrismd1 97 87 - 10
bobbeaty12 84 80 - 4
cisneros.jose 86 80 - 6
alirving1 106 98 - 8
klbgolf 103 94 - 9

Swing by Swing in the Press

Golf Magazine - Oct 2012 cover


With Swing by Swing you'll never overpay for a lesson again! Our mission is to put the fun back into your game by helping you play your best. What do you have to lose? Nothing! That's right- if you're dissatisfied we'll cancel your membership and send you a refund.

How do Swing by Swing lessons compare?

  Swing by Swing
Pro Looper
My Pro to Go SwingFix Traditional Golf Instructor
# Lessons Unlimited 1 - 9 Lessons 1- 4 Lessons 1 Lesson
Avg. Price Per Lesson n/a $27.67 $22.59 $30-150
Money Back Guarantee Yes No No No
Personal Concierge Yes No No No
PGA-certified instructors Yes Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes
Swing Analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes
Side by Side Video Analysis Yes Yes Yes No
Live Coach Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personalized Drills Yes Yes Yes Yes
Communicate with Pro? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Short Game focus Yes Yes Yes Yes
Club Tracking and Distance Integration Yes No No No
Shot Shape Analysis Yes No No No
Scorecard integration Yes No No No
Game Statistics integration Yes No No No
GPS Range Finder Yes No No No
Benchmarking Yes No No No
My Goal Yes No No No


What does it cost? How many videos can I submit

You can take unlimited lessons for one, low, flat rate. Never overpay for a golf lesson again!

Is this a real person or an automated computer?

A real, live, PGA professional (his name is Brad Smith and he's given thousands of video lessons), will review your video, draw lines on top of it, and do a voice-over lesson.

Can I sign up if I'm not in the States?

YES. Swing by Swing Professional Instruction works from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

It is especially good for those who cannot find quality instruction in their local area.

Can I use this anywhere in the world? Do I have to be based in USA?

Anybody in the world can use these lessons to improve their game. Many of our clients are located outside of the USA!

How long does it take to turn my lesson around?

It usually takes only 24 hours to record your lessons and get it back to you. In cases of extreme volume, it can take up to 48 hours.

If you're signing up during a big sale, it can take longer than 2-days, but rest assured, Brad is cranking through these lessons as fast as possible!

How do I get a lesson?

Once you purchase, a Swing by Swing concierge will be in touch to make sure you understand exactly how to take a lessons, and answer any questions.

How do I submit videos?

You can upload videos via our website, or email them to us. We will verify that your videos have been successfully received, and notify you again when your lesson is ready to watch.

If you ever have a questions, you'll be able to reach out directly to your golf concierge or your golf instructor.

This sounds too good to be true

It's the future of golf development... We use technology to streamline the time of a golf pro, so he can focus on what he is very good at: giving lessons.

How long do I have to use my lessons?

Pro Looper is a membership. As long as you're a member you will be able to continue taking golf lessons with your instructor.

How do I contact customer support if I have a question?

You can contact us here
or visit our help page.

How can we give such high quality lessons at a fraction of the price?

And, how does one pro handle all these people when you have a million users?

Technology! We use technology to streamline the job of our PGA Pro, so he can focus simply on doing what he's great at - giving lessons and analyzing golf swings - and spend zero time on things like getting new customers, paperwork, standing behind somebody for an hour, etc. Our system can scale to an infinite number of pros, so when one pro gets overwhelmed, we'll bring in another to service you and keep quality high.

Your pro is assigned to you, and will be your dedicated golf coach for every lesson. The more lessons he gives, the more he knows about you, and the more information he has at his fingertips. Every lesson gets more dialed in, and more effective.

Technology also puts way more information at the fingertips of your golf coach than is traditionally available to most instructors. If you use Swing by Swing GPS and Scorecard on the course, you'll collect valuable stats and tendencies that are available to your pro when he analyzes your swing.

Who should not take these lessons?

Video lessons are not for everybody! If you already regularly shoot in the 70's, you may not gain as much benefit as those who shoot 80+.

If you shoot 90+ regularly, your coach should be able to help you significantly improve your game!

What kind of information can my PGA instructor get from a simple video?

Every detail of a golf swing can be analyzed, because after all, the ball flight itself is just an extension of your swing. These days, everybody from PGA Pros to aspiring junior golfers use video lessons to get better.

Plus, if you use Swing by Swing GPS on the course, your coach will have access to all your other stats and tendencies to round out the information that can't be inferred from your swing.

Is this a recurring plan or a one-time purchase?

Pro Looper is a membership, and the membership fee will automatically recur on a monthly or yearly schedule (depends on which package you purchase).

Can I work on short game stuff? Chipping and putting?

Yes! Many of our users send in their chipping and putting videos. In fact, your pro may encourage it! Since he has access to all your stats and tendencies, including short game info, he might recommend that your swing is in a good place but you need to work on chipping and putting.

You can be assured that your pro will always be ready and willing to work on whatever you want.

Do I have to hit a golf ball or can I just swing my club?

It is recommended that you hit an actual golf ball when filming your swing. Have you ever taken a couple of perfect practice swings, then stood over the ball and duffed it out-of-bounds? Yep... we all do - it's amazing how much of a difference simply hitting a small white object can make to your golf swing. It's just fine, though, to hit a practice ball, plastic wiffle ball, or into a net.

What is the guarantee policy?

Check it

Does this work for beginning golfers?

This works especially well for beginning golfers! Swing by Swing video lessons are an easy way to learn the basics of a golf swing, under the wing of an experienced, professional, and patient mentor.

Does this work for female golfers?

We have lots of female golfers as clients. Our head PGA pro, Brad Smith, has formerly been a college golf coach for the mens & womens teams, and has coached many women.

Here is an example of Brad Smith giving a lesson to one of our female clients.

Does this work for child golfers?

Our golf pro takes special delight in teach young children and teens to play the game of golf. After all, they're the future of this great sport!

Here is an example of a lesson with a young beginner child.

Can I ask my instructor questions?

Yes! When you submit your video, you can ask your instructor a specific question. Then, after you get your video lesson back, you can ask more questions. It's easy, and your instructor will answer quickly.

Do I need a smart phone, or can I use a camera?

You can use pretty much any digital camera to capture your swing and send it to us. You just need to upload your video via our website, or email it to your coach.

If you have questions about how to use your phone or digital camera to record your swing, just contact your golf concierge and he will help out.

What if I don't like my instructor? Can I get a different one?

If you don't like your instructor, or if you don't feel like you're getting value out of the instruction, you can request a refund within 30-days and get your money back. (That's never actually happened... but there's a first time for everything!)

How can the Swing by Swing GPS app complement my lesson package?

Usage of the mobile app is not required to take these golf lessons, but when you do use the mobile app, you get a lot of benefits!

When you buy Pro Looper, all the technology of Looper comes included for a full year! All the scores and stats and club tracker info you collect through the Swing by Swing mobile app is included at your golf coach's fingertips, and he can use it to provide more robust and informed instruction.

All you need to do is use the Swing by Swing mobile app on the course when you're golfing, or you can keep your stats manually and enter them via the website. The rest will happen automatically when you take a lesson.

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Scorecard and Statistics Module

Track your game like a PGA pro and easily keep the score of your entire 4-some.

My Goal

Millions of rounds of golf have been played with Swing by Swing software on the course.

We'll compare your game against all the rounds in our database and tell you exactly what areas you need to work on.

Want to score an 80? We'll tell you how your game compares to the normal score of 80 and tell you what stats to improve to get there!

Remove Advertisements

When you upgrade to the Looper membership, you automatically remove all Advertisements from the application.

You will have more room to see the satellite photo, and be able to see the green view more easily as well.

Not to mention, you're on the course to golf! (Not to look at ads...)

Get all these extra benefits when you become a Looper!

Share Your Scorecards and Stats with Friends!

You will be able to share your submitted scorecards with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Just link your Swing by Swing account to your FB or Twitter account, and let us know if you want to automatically share your stats with your friends. When you finish a round, your scorecard could be automatically sent. (But only if you want it to!)

Get a 3D View of every shot you track in a round!

Get Extended Stats, and awesome graphs!

Get a 3D Satellite view of any course in the world!

When you upgrade to Looper, you can take a 3D tour of any golf course in the world!

You'll be able to zoom in, pan around, and move up-and-down with amazing detail.

For many courses, the 3D view is so detailed you can see golfers standing on the greens! (Who knows, maybe you'll see a picture of yourself!)